Campaign for the North County Community NEXUS

A Red Circle is leading the efforts to transform the old Hathaway Hills Shopping Center into a central hub for community-based work. We have secured the building, we need your help to bring the NEXUS to life. With your contribution, we can open doors in 2025. 

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What is the NEXUS?

The NEXUS is a center that will house various initiatives that aim to increase access to affordable healthy food, wellness resources, connection to the earth, small business innovation and educational support, in North St. Louis County, a community that has dealt with food apartheid and systematic racism. 

What's next for us? THE NEXUS.

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People's Harvest Grocery Store 

Small Business Incubator

Cold Storage for Farmers

Bistro on The Boulevard

Learning & Opportunity Center

Damu Smith Liberation Garden

Rain Garden

Commercial Kitchen for Rental

A Red Circle Headquarters

Community Health Resource Center


The Nexus will promote community betterment in North St. Louis County.

Catalyst for Good Food Movement

The grocery store, cold storage, demonstration garden and healthy flavor bistro will increase food access,  community education and resources for residents & local urban farmers. 

Jobs & Economic Development

Local residents will be employed by the grocery store and small businesses. All business will generate tax revenue to go back into the community.

Growing A Red Circle

The new headquarters will be a home-base for all of our programming. Not only will there be offices but there will be an art gallery, and a kitchen.